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[RUMOR] Nintendo Direct 2021 is coming in the next few days

[RUMOR] Nintendo Direct 2021 is coming in the next few days

A new one Nintendo Live It may be on the horizon. These days we already talked about it Rumors about it don’t want to stop.

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In the last few hours, the playlist of Nintendo’s official Japanese YouTube channel dedicated to Nintendo Direct has been updated. Announced by the good ones Many, A Twitter user known to have expected many announcements in the past, may be in addition to the presentation of the Monster Hunter broadcast yesterday, January 8th.

To comment on Gelios’ tweet, we have another user to look out for: Nintendo ‘Alerts, Is known among fans for expecting multiple Nintendo announcements on different occasions, especially the Nintendo Switch Lite.

According to Nintendo ‘Alerts, we will soon receive new information based on software (and therefore video games) and hardware. At a later stage he did not mention that he was rumored Nintendo Switch Pro, But did not rule out possible versions Replace Nintendo with a Thema Zelda.

At the beginning of next week, the user wrote that we might get the news on Mondays and Tuesdays. As always

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