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Nintendo: Why Buy Next Level Games?  - Lucky Sachet

Nintendo: Why Buy Next Level Games? – Lucky Sachet

Nintendo will formalize the acquisition of the next level of games in a few weeks: is this not a regular choice, but will it also mark a common turning point?

A few miles away, and a few days before the Shaggy thugs invaded Capitol, Bowser must have gone back and forth several times between Redmond (Washington, USA) and Vancouver (British) in the gruesome and chaotic restoration of the first Danking. Colombia, Canada), with the intention of establishing the final details of the acquisition Next level game From Nintendo. We are referring to Doug Bowser, who has been the head of Nintendo in the United States since 2019, and certainly not the coup de grce tyrant.

If all goes well and there is no reason to doubt otherwise, the Japanese company will become the owner of the next level games in early March, precisely Canadian, which has happily collaborated from the beginning: the software is coming home Founded in 2002, Next year he releases the NHL Multiplatform Hits Pro (a hockey game, to confirm some regional stereotypes), and as a second project, an homage reserved for a few (more in the West), he immediately puts his hands on the mustache, and juice, the Nintendo plumber. Thus comes 2005 in GameCube Super Mario Strikers: A very exciting and fun football game, which sells – at the declining stage of the console – more than 1.5 million copies. From any point of view Nintendo is happy, immediately following the revolutionary plan, which, a few months later, in late 2006, will colonize the living rooms of the rich world under the name Wii.

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The game comes in 2007, which is called (in Europe) Mario Strikers football charged Despite similar metacritic media, it turns out to be much nicer and richer than its predecessors: it is a moderate business success, it puts out a million copies more than its predecessor, and offers a much nicer online multiplayer mode, even co-op. Before dedicating himself to the Wii and the entire historical Nintendo brand Beat it !!, Next Level Games releases a bad cross-platform Spider-Man Die-in (Spider-Man: Enemy’s Friend) and a good Xbox 360 exclusive (Ticket to Ride).

From Wii to Acquisition

In 2009 and 2010, next-level games only made headlines for Nintendo Wee: As we said before, this is just part of the list Beat it !! (And its weaver spin-off of Punch-out of Lewis !!), developed under the supervision of a Japanese company, specifically, Foreigner கென்சுகே தனபே. The characteristic difference between this project and contemporary projects is very clear: some attribute the imbalance in Japanese oversight, but it also depends on the difference in commitment, with more topics being put together (three to five, we do not know the details) or, more often than not, from a set of these three hypotheses. The last game to separate Nintendo from the world in 2011 was Captain America: Super Soldier, released by Sega for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 (and Wii, however, was adopted by another company).

Nintendo: Why Buy Next Level Games?  - Lucky Sachet

The difference between Nintendo with or without next-level game plans is obvious, predictable, not only in terms of quality, but also commercially. So the two decide to tighten their bonds further and decide to work together thinking to use each other to their advantage. This is called the first fruit of the new relationship Luigi’s House: The Dark Moon, Made directly Shikeru Miyamoto (This will be one of the last seasons, except for the impossible surprises) and coming in 2013. With more than six million copies placed, it will become the best-selling game in the series and the company: not enough to talk about this milestone Success, Luigi’s new ghost adventure also reaches the Metacritic average of 86, which is equivalent to next level games (punch-out!

Nintendo: Why Buy Next Level Games?  - Lucky Sachet

The unfortunate life of the Wii U also obscures the Canadian creators, who did not sneak into the Nintendo home console: a Rumor Canceled project, In fact it would be credible. In fact, between 2014 and 2018 the next level games will only release one video game, Metro Prime: Confederation Force For the Nintendo 3DS, it sank critically, sowing a bad business fate. To mark the successful arrival of the software home, Mario’s brother is glorified here by a storage role: Luigi’s House3 Coming out in 2019, and includes the introduction of next-level games on the switch. In terms of quality it is comparable to its predecessor, but a Visual and technical condition The software shows the enormous progress of the home: it is no coincidence that it achieves a massive success, reaching eight million copies a year.

At this point, some of the founders of Next Level Games decide that it’s the right time to sell their company’s shares: Nintendo, before anyone else shows up, comes forward and uses the contract offers Receives Canadian company. It may seem like a success story to many, it may be from some point of view, but it is a decisively different end to the regular Nintendo Modus Operandi.

A new era?

To understand how paradoxical the acquisition of next-level games is, keep in mind that Nintendo has not integrated any software home since 2007 (as such, Monolith smooth). Before that, it is necessary to go back to 2002 to find similar functions: the most important date in this sense. This was the beginning of the Ivada administration, the acquisition of Retro Studios (which was released by Metro Prima), and the exemption – or rather, the non-acquisition – Rare. Just Sadoru Iwada This greatly changed the relationship between the first three-dimensional Nintendo (1995-2001), and the forthcoming (“his”, in essence). The mutation began with the abandonment of collaborations with several Western studios, such as Factor 5 and Silicon Nights; After all, we have already written in detail who, Deciding not to get rare.

Nintendo: Why Buy Next Level Games?  - Lucky Sachet

At the same time, he returned to repair relations with several Japanese software companies, Namco (later Bandai Namco) and Square-Enix, with whom he negotiated the return of Dragon Quest exclusively on Nintendo platforms. The masterpiece of this strategy is represented by the monolithic software: it is based on the original works provided to Nintendo and the technical support provided to the Kyoto and Tokyo studios. Over there Iwada Management, In this field and beyond, deserves a separate study: despite the remarkable results we limit ourselves today to remembering that it has neglected the privileged relationship with Western developers at the worst possible moment, not only in the present, but also in the immediate future. In the late 90s, let’s remember you had to buy a Nintendo console if you wanted to play better FPS.

Nintendo: Why Buy Next Level Games?  - Lucky Sachet

Situation, Kimishima and Furukawa, It certainly has not changed. In fact, more involved in small projects or work with NSD (Nintendo Software Technology, located in Redmond) Retro Studios Less and less prosperous, we can not say for sure that Nintendo has gained much from its Western investments. Identity can have a unique character, so after learning and creating a particular path in Kyoto, they do not want to work with people who can easily go elsewhere. We do not know, but it should not be excluded: after all, Nintendo pays a lot of attention to the training and retention of its employees.

There is another reason why Nintendo did not get it Outdoor team Sony’s frequency and – above all – Microsoft, and not limited to economic availability: if possible, top management always wants a limited Japanese relationship keiretsu. In short – very short – this strategy identifies companies that cooperate with each other in long-term trust projects, offering mutually owned institutional shares. This is the case with affiliates with HAL labs or intelligence agencies. Nothing applies in the West.

Replace Fetryhouse E3 Screen 11

This summary helped us to introduce the focal point of the matter: this acquisition certainly does not imply change Justion Furukawa. Only a few founders of the next level of games wanted to sell the company, not Nintendo before: simply, they decided that they had played together in Kyoto, so the knowledge learned was important enough to justify such an investment. Avoid ending this valuable knowledge elsewhere and avoid starting the process with another team. After all, Luigi’s House3 It has sold eight million copies, and it doesn’t stop there: we’re talking about a huge success.

In conclusion, we would also like to point out that there is no one in the world who, if you find someone who supports you, does not trust them, they can say for sure Purchase of next level games This is not the beginning of a new era: this is certainly not possible, and there are many sensible reasons to think that Canadians may be the exception to the rule. However, only time can confirm it: Furukawa is certainly not forced to buy the team, and its acquisition is associated with a bigger plan. After all, Nintendo is not a buyer Team events: Do not associate.