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Rumor has it - the Nintendo Switch Pro will have some exclusive titles

Rumor has it – the Nintendo Switch Pro will have some exclusive titles

Similar to what happened in the new Nintendo 3DS release

A few hours after the important report Bloomberg, Would have revealed key features of what the new console would look like NintendoMore rumors are circulating about the relationship that will be established between the current relationships Nintendo Switch And what the potential middle gen version would be.

By a forum post Resetra In fact, a well-known and trusted local intervened Nate Drake, The hypothetical ambassador accordingly Nintendo Switch Pro It may have exclusive titles. If the rumor is confirmed, what happened in the release New Nintendo 3DS, Won the standard version by offering some exclusive games at the time.

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Nate Drake He said he was aware that there would be titles offered only for the new console Nintendo, Especially for third-party products, without specifying the number of these or any publisher or developer.

These are particularly vague to be taken with a grain of salt, especially from this time on Nintendo The presence of a new console is not entirely confirmed.
However, in your opinion such an approach may satisfy the current owners Nintendo Switch?

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