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Microsoft "has a very good relationship with Nintendo", but makes no promises to move forward

Microsoft “has a very good relationship with Nintendo”, but makes no promises to move forward

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Microsoft and Nintendo have been very supportive lately, but there are no guarantees to move forward, said Phil Spencer, head of Xbox.

When asked by Kota this week about the possibility of more games coming out published by Microsoft Other Consoles – Like the Nintendo Switch, Phil answers:

“It doesn’t feel consistent”

“To really support this, I want a complete Xbox ecosystem somewhere. And maybe it means things like live and game pass and stuff. ”

He made similar comments to German website GameStar in July last year, and other competing platforms have shown no “interest” in having this “full Xbox experience” on their hardware.

Despite no promises from Phil, Microsoft’s relationship with Nintendo is in great shape, and every conversation so far has been very easy, he said. He chatted with NoA President Doug Bowser last week.

“We have a very good relationship with Nintendo. As the market strives to grow, we see our work as very synergistic. And that makes it easy. Every conversation we have with them is really easy. ”

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