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Federal Election 2021: Our Call to Vote – Tower

Today is an important day for Germany. Although it has nothing to do with video games, it is important to dedicate a message to this topic. From now until 6 p.m. You can choose to go 20th German Bundestock To help design. The higher the number of parties competing for your vote, the better likely it is that seven of them will return to the Reichstag building. These are CDU / CSU, SPD, Greens, FDP, Left and AfD.

Politics is not a very exciting topic and we know that election programs are not a successful evening reading. However, there are two offers to help you choose. This Wall-O-Madden And Deanwall. The former uses current election plans for questions, while the latter uses the voting results of the last legislative period. However, the results are not a recommendation for the election. Your first and second votes are determined by your conscience.

One more thing is important to us. ntower is politically neutral. This means that we will not make any recommendations for the exam. This also applies to you. We do not wish to see any posts in the comments indicating which parties you voted for. Each must decide which parties are eligible for their vote based on their knowledge and beliefs. If these types of posts appear, they will be deleted without comment.

But now our choice for you:

Vote today!

Every vote helps shape the future of our country. Because this time too: not voting is a bad choice.