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Release trailer here -

Release trailer here –

It is finally available on the Nintendo Switch as well Sky: Children of LightThe game of Takame Company, the famous writers of works such as flower, flow and travel. The game is available in Free In the eShop of Nintendo Switch.

The original version of the game was released on iOS in 2019 and on Android devices in April 2020. Players must control the “Children of Light” that gives the game its name and return shooting stars to their respective stars to explore a ruined zone. They are Seven dream zones You can fly in it, hold hands and cooperate.

Sky: Kids of Light is free, but additional packages like this are also available Starter pack (. 32.99) This includes:

  • Two dresses
  • A flute
  • A new hairstyle
  • 75 candles
  • An added surprise

Additionally, the T-Cross-over event is now available Little Prince Antoine de Saint – a children’s novel written by Xpuri – and receives a map of the “Starlight Desert”. Sky: The new season of Scent of the Light kicks off on July 6: The “Le Petit Prince” season pass costs 10.99, but the gift pass bundle (three passes that can be shared with friends) is available at 21.99.

Sky: Children of the Light’s E3 2021 trailer can also be found here.

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