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Rotate and save the PDF - how it works

Rotate and save the PDF – how it works

Editing PDF files is often not easy – but it is possible. In particular, you can make small changes without expensive tools like Adobe Acrobat DC. In this article you will learn how to use the free PDF24 Tools website to turn an entire PDF document or individual page and save the PDF again. We will introduce you to other tools for this purpose.

Rotate and save PDF with PDF24 tools

Follow us See step-by-step instructions or quick start guide.

Rotate and Save PDF: Additional Tools

As shown here, you can use PDF24 tools online or install them on your computer. The latter is useful, for example, if you do not have an Internet connection or want to edit your files on your computer. For online editing, you can use Use the CleverPDF website. With software PDF Shaper lets you edit PDFs on your computer, Is a free version.

Tip: Do you need additional functionality, for example, to convert your PDF files to other file formats or to rotate, delete or add individual PDF pages? Here you will find free tools for editing your PDF documents.

Brief Instructions: Rotate and save PDF with PDF24 tools

  1. ClickSelect the file“Or drag your PDF file into the upload field.
  2. Use to rotate all PDF pages at once Two arrows Above. To rotate individual pages, click Respective page.
  3. If you are satisfied, “Create a PDF“. New PDF document created with rotated pages.
  4. To download the completed document, “Download Tamil“And follow the instructions in your browser.

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