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Sales and rental of movies and TV offers will be stopped

Sales and rental of movies and TV offers will be stopped

Sony has announced on its official PlayStation blog that it has stopped selling pictures and TV content on the PlayStation Store. The company is responding to the increasing suitability of subscription-based and ad-based entertainment streaming services. By the summer of 2021, sales and rental of movie and TV offers at the PlayStation Store are coming to an end.

On top of that German-speaking PlayStation Blog Sony writes: “We want to give you PlayStation fans, that is, you, the best entertainment experience. This means that we are developing with your needs. Our consoles have more and more PlayStation fans using subscription-based and ad-based entertainment streaming services. ”

The plug will be pulled at the end of August

With the change in consumer behavior, it was decided to no longer offer sales and rental of movies and TV offers on the PlayStation Store from August 31, 2021.

Customers who have purchased one or the other film in the last few years need not worry. Access should be guaranteed in the future as well. Content you have previously purchased may still be used for custom operation on PS4, PS5 and mobile devices after this change takes effect. We thank our fans for their support and look forward to further enhancing your entertainment experience on the PlayStation, ”said Sony.

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Movies and series are not going to disappear completely from PlayStation consoles. After all, there are various apps available like Netflix, Grungeroll and Apple TV. “The media section of the PS5 console’s user interface integrates with a selection of free and paid streaming services in one place, so you can easily find and play the latest episodes, movies and recommended series at the touch of a button,” Sony said of the offers.

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