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Rome site owner ordered Nintendo to pay $ 1.1 million

Rome site owner ordered Nintendo to pay $ 1.1 million

In 2019, the year the lawsuit was filed in California court, Storman would have earned between $ 30,000 and $ 36,000 for a site that offers 49 pirate Nintendo games through a premium subscription system.

To teach a good lesson in this lawsuit, Nintendo demanded a total of $ 15 million in damages for infringing copyright and trademark rights. That enormous amount includes 000 400,000 damage for a looted game for trademark infringement and 90,000 damage for another theft game for copyright infringement.

A California court has ordered Storman to pay 35 35,000 in damages for copyright infringement on each of the 49 looted Nintendo games on the site. The court suspended 000 400,000 for all violations, including damages to be paid for breach of trademark rights.

In the end, Storeman ordered Nintendo to pay $ 2,115,000, and its pirate reuse distribution platform was irretrievably closed. The sentence was relatively light compared to the harshest sentence ever suggested by Nintendo, as a salute to Stormman’s courage to defend himself against the Japanese giant.

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