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Nintendo wins lawsuit against a site that sold pirate games

Nintendo wins lawsuit against a site that sold pirate games

Nintendo wins lawsuit against Rome Universe website And its owner is forced to pay $ 2.1 million to the Japanese company. The controversy starts in 2019 Nintendo He denounced the portal and accused it of distributing thousands Illegal copies Users can use premium accounts to open unlimited downloads on their games by paying a subscription.

Site Owner, Matthew Storman, He initially tried to defend himself, he said Rome Universe He did not violate any law and did not force the parties to a two-year legal term.

Nintendo claims $ 15 million, claims to have contributed to the distribution of the Rome Universe instead Hundreds of thousands of plagiarized copies. Storman, who did not use any attorneys, said he tried to continue the study that the site allowed for the sharing of various types of files, but that he himself never made uploads and that he did not need to know the content of the available ROMs. On the portal. A position of apparent disbelief Los Angeles Court Also, in balance, it is not very consistent to consider that this site itself promoted Romes’ presence of copyrighted titles.

After two years of legal battle, Matthew Storman was ordered to pay $ 35,000 in compensation for each of the 49 titles the court found to have been damaged by the Rome Universe, for a total of 7,700,000. $ 14,286, approximately $ 400,000, for each of the 28 infringed copyrights. Thus we come $ 2.1 million Storman, who is currently unemployed, will have to make up for Nintendo. In 2019, it was not a good idea to open a portal to distribute pirated copies, considering that the site had grossed between $ 30,000 and $ 36,000 before it closed.

Nintendo, meanwhile, seems to be gearing up for a summer of interesting news, especially after winning the case. Rumors that “Nintendo Switch Pro” will provide instant notification should be confirmed …

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