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Roccalumera fetori insopportabili. La causa: una ditta di Furci che lavora agrumi e scarica nel depuratore "reflui inquinanti"

Rogalumera is an unbearable stench. Reason: A Persian company that processes citrus fruits and discharges “polluting wastewater” into a purifier, News | Cassette Zonica

Rogalumera – The stench emitted by the Rogalumera Federation purifier is endangering an entire city. The plant has been shut down due to irregular pollution loads coming from a citrus fruit processing plant in Fursi to the Rogalmera refinery. Seeing that no one had responded from Fursi, Mayor Guidano returned to the head of the archeology machine.

Here is the letter explaining all the steps of this crisis situation.

“As head of Messina, the company that manages the treatment plant serving the municipalities of Rogalumera, Fursi Ciculo and Bacliara since the end of last December has detected irregular inflows of sewage from the Fursi municipality, which may be responsible for the processing of cyclo, citrus fruits and public health.

The body immediately reported the situation to the municipality of Fursi Siculo on 22/12/2020, in order to monitor and resolve the issue and carry out analyzes of the sewage entering Fursi.

The analyzes presented extraordinary parameters outside the law of the waters from the municipality of Fursi Chiculo, not in accordance with normal studies and measurements (always subject to regulation), with the potential prejudice to the survival and development of the currently active masses. Purification., Such as compromising the function of the purifier and removing sewage. In addition, at the time of sampling, a strong odor of essential oils of citrus fruits and pectins was observed.

Subsequently, as the irregular arrival and consequent stench intensified, the body carried out a new model on 04/02/2021, which reaffirmed the high and irregular contaminant loads coming from the Fursi Chilo pipe. Following that, the manager reported the issue to the responsible organizations (ARPA and Metropolitan City) on 15/02/2021.

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The organization, in a note dated 02/22/2021 following the report of the manager, requested the immediate intervention of ARPA to prevent the occurrence of the aforementioned sewage from Fursi Chiculo.

ARPA officials conducted a inspection visit to the refinery on March 1 and 2, 2021, during which samples are being taken for necessary analyzes.

From the information obtained from the Manager and our Chemical Consultants, the foul-smelling phenomenon can only be resolved when the active biomass (purification sludge) in the purifier is gradually stopped while it is still in progress. However, despite reminders to competent authorities, public health is at risk and at risk, and as a result, is being asked to intervene to prevent this blatant attack on the health of the citizens of Rogalmera. Where necessary, issues that have arisen should be summoned, it is said, and is expected, however, to be suppressed by the increasingly uncontrollable revolt and resentment expressed by those living near the cleaner, nausea and harmful odor, which may lead to rebellious behavior against the public order. ”We look forward to your response.

The mayor is the head of the technical area

Curve. Dr. Giuseppe della Scala. Kaitano Argrophy