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It’s official, PlayStation players can cry bitter tears

It’s official, PlayStation players can cry bitter tears

Last September, Microsoft announces interest in acquiring Genmax Media, the parent company of Bethesda Studios. It took months to verify the details of the acquisition in the United States and Europe. The acquisition is finally official, an opportunity to reveal that exclusions will be expected for Xbox boss Bill Spencer.

Exclusions have not yet been announced

Microsoft acquires Genimax Media for $ 7.5 billion While the details of this case will only be affected in the next few years, Xbox chief Bill Spencer has yet to comment on the acquisition. The American businessman had the opportunity to confirm that the specifics were to be expected. So, some of Bethesda Studio’s next achievements will be exclusively Microsoft. What to look for.

“In addition to Bethesda Creative Teams, gamers need to know that Xbox consoles, PC and GamePass are the best places to enjoy new Bethesda games, which include exclusive new titles for Xbox and PC players.”

According to this writing, Bethesda plans to revise three plans: Starfield, Senior Coils VI And Deathloop. The first is space-based RPG, the second is a new replica of the popular franchise. Senior scrolls Finally a cross out shooter signed on to the organ. Bethesda is expected to continue to operate its most popular licenses in the coming years. ‘S critical and business success Doom is eternity When, the future of the right must be protected Fall There should be a new single player game in the next few years.

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Games available as soon as Microsoft launches all-purpose pass game Boss. Players want to get a lot of support. Players with PC, PlayStation console and Nintendo Switch so you can enjoy all the features filtered here and there. On the Microsoft side, 23 studios are now headed by its Xbox Game studio. A bright future is shaping the American giant.