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Rocket League is now free on consoles and PC, where to download it

Rocket League is now free on consoles and PC, where to download it

Expected since last July, the free version is called “Play for Free” Rocket League Finally available on consoles and PC.

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As of this Wednesday, you can download the (most) popular game that connects football and remote control cars for free via your PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch online store or PC Epic Games Store.

As a result, it is no longer supplied with steam. However, the title is still available to those who already have the Valve operating system.

On PS4 and Switch, players do not need a PlayStation Plus or Nintendo Switch online account to access the game’s online features. On the Xbox One page, however, you must be an Xbox Live Gold subscriber to compete online.

For many who have already purchased Rocket League In the past, these were in addition to all the official DLCs of the Zionics game, with the advent of the free version and more than 200 customization items.

Now the developer of Epic Games will benefit from the arrival of the free version Rocket League Combine new competitions and different challenges, which will allow you to collect experience points.

Remember this is the first online event of the new free era Rocket League, Titled Lama-Rama, will be in the game from September 27th to October 12th.

In colors Fortnight, Another epic sports asset that offers players five sets of challenges that lead to rewards inspired by celebrities Royal of War.

Download pages for the free version of Rocket League

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