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Free application: How to free up storage space

Free application: How to free up storage space

Every cell phone user is faced with deleting files from memory, for example, not even enough space for another photo. Instead of splitting directly with irreversible treasures, you should first check the system for duplicate files. Over time, some of these will accumulate and trash the smartphone.

With premium usage 90x copy file remover It automatically wins completely. The application explores cell phone memory and compares duplicate files. The most expensive app is currently being offered – get it for free for a short period of time and always keep it!

Please note that we can only reflect on the current status of such free ads and have no influence on the developers’ decision to terminate them in advance if necessary. You should always check when downloading whether the offer is still valid.

Locate and delete duplicate files

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After the start 90x copy file remover You will see which files need to be scanned. If you are planning a big event, select the “All Files” option to search for videos, pictures, music and documents at once. However, targeted search is recommended, especially for videos. If in doubt, these take up most of the storage.

It is practical to be able to identify duplicate copies only if they contain identical or different file names. If you have accidentally downloaded a file twice, Android usually adds “(2)” at the end – no problem for the app. Which files will eventually be deleted is yours: tap on duplicate files or delete them again.

Note: If you do not want the app to send push notifications, disable it in Android settings.

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