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Risk of spoilers on social networks -

Risk of spoilers on social networks –

It looks like a Pre-gold copy From Horizon Forbidden West Has been Stolen, Maybe PS4 jailbroken in Russia, so there is real risk Spoiler From here until the start of the game.

With more than a month to go before the release of the new episode of the Guerrilla Games series, the situation looks as dire as the sensational leak of The Lost of Us 2, which has led to a number of events. Improvements In the campaign that invaded social networks and YouTube, it ruined the joy of many players in finding out for themselves what might have happened.

It’s only been around for two hours now Images You can see below and do not represent the spoiler depending on the contents of the game, but highlight the interface in Russian and ensure the quality of the version PS4.

Unfortunately, we do not know how the situation will develop: Sony will move quickly with great determination. Identify the authors of the leak And stop the leakage of materials and information that could damage the release of Horizon Forbidden West.

However, the nature of the defect and the area where the game landed make the event very difficult to deal with. Traditionally, the recommendation has always been the same: Focus on social networks and YouTube interfaces.

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