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TousAntiCovid, WhatsApp, TikTok ... Here are the 10 most downloaded applications in France

TousAntiCovid, WhatsApp, TikTok … Here are the 10 most downloaded applications in France

After the health crisis, certain uses became essential in the daily lives of the French people. This Sunday January 9, Le Picaro Has released a ranking of the most downloaded apps in France. And the big winner is like the last two years. This is a government application TousAntiCovid. Released in 2020, this device for detecting positive people near home was initially ignored by a large portion of the population. But with the implementation of the Health Pass, its notoriety increased.

TousAntiCovid has quickly become an indispensable utility for displaying your Sanitary Pass efficiently and quickly at the entrance of a restaurant or theater. “Today, less than 50 million phones or watches have TousAntiCovid connected,” Cédric O, secretary of state for digital transformation, told franceinfo on Friday, January 7th. That is a huge number compared to the 66 million French population identified in France. The government application is being closely followed by the Chinese social networking site WhatsApp News and TikTok, which erupted after the lockdowns in 2020.

Tactolip is ahead of Instagram and Messenger

There was fierce competition for fourth place. The results are quite surprising since it is about Doctolib. Like TousAntiCovid, the application for medical appointments can also be thanked to Kovit-19. Thanks to vaccination, pharmacy and laboratory tests, it has become essential over the months. Last November, the application and site were visited by 25 million French people. When the Health Pass was put in place, more than a million people found themselves on Doctolib at the same time.

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Behind the medical app are Instagram, Messenger and Facebook. A ranking that seemed insane a few years ago. Eighth place is not the social network, but the food delivery service: Uber Eats. To close the ranking of the most downloaded apps in France, the streaming platform ranked ninth: Netflix. Finally, in tenth place is the Chinese e-Start site, SHEIN.

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