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Revealed gloves to experience metawares live -

Revealed gloves to experience metawares live –

Meta, until a long time ago Also known as Facebook, Has been working on his ambition for a long time MetaVerso. Between the increasingly advanced audience and the change of the same name, Zuckerberg’s company is paving the way for a future made of virtual worlds that we can touch with our own hands, thanks to futuristic haptic gloves designed to deliver meaning and weight to digital objects. .

Technology used in the prototype of Virtual gloves The objectivity of the meta, which comes with the future Oculus audience by changing the current controllers, is just as interesting as the complexity. Not surprisingly, it has been in development for 7 years and will still take a long time to become a business reality, but it already puts us ahead of exciting half-term opportunities.

In fact, we are talking about the possibility of perceiving a virtual object in the hand, and experiencing its weight. Small machines Continuous actuators can conduct air with different extreme conditions. Simulated tactile feedback, therefore, is integrated with high-precision motion detection sensors and promises to combine the tactile sensation of holding an object in the hand with the ability to handle it with previously unimaginable accuracy.

The meta works on a pair of virtual gloves that promise to make the metaware stable

Whether we are talking about video games or future social networks, these types of technologies will be important to make us a part of the virtual worlds. On the other hand, both are part of a sector’s potential for promising the highest reality, thank you Technologies like Nvidia Modulus. But as expected, it will take a long time to see these types of devices coming into stores.

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The first issue is about the cost of a sophisticated device such as the virtual gloves of the meta and the second, more relevant, is about the need to recapture realistic sensations. In fact, it is not enough to drive a few machines and pump a little air to deceive our senses. To do this, they need Technologies not yet available, Acknowledged by Sean Keller, director of Meta’s reality lab division. But according to meta designers currently working on precision gesture monitoring and glove actuators, the combination of visual input, single actuator and sound already provides a compelling feel.