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Retro's canceled Zelda game with shake reversals on the Nintendo Kigali

Retro’s canceled Zelda game with shake reversals on the Nintendo Kigali

Senior, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Come Visto (Photo: Nintendo)

In 2020, we shared the story of the ax Description of Zelda Project Metro Prime Team, Retro Studios.

It should be an action / JRPG game starring Shake, and it will be a story set in the “bad end” The Legend of Zelda: Occarina of Time – Explore Shika’s last journey since Dark Girato Canon was “born a hundred years after his birth”.

At the time, Sami Hall, a former retro studio artist, Sharing of pre-production artwork allegedly canceled A project in the Wii era. Now, with an update, Kigaleek successfully implemented a new Nintendo document last year, which confirms the project’s existence. Translation here, courtesy Game Source Editor-in-Chief:

Spoke with IGN last MayHall noted that he thought Nintendo did not see much of Sheikh Zelda’s concept art, and said the project was canceled because former retro pioneers Mark Pacini, Todd Keller and Kinan Pearson left the studio.

You can find these shake concept artwork (as well as the canceled flower project) and learn more about Nintendo’s Gigalik in our previous stories:

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