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First Comments on the Wimode Surface (it was not always successful) – THM Magazine

At the end of 2006, you were undoubtedly like us, swaying in front of your TV. Why? Because ‘Some Nintendo Wii Then it fell into stores, the very successful Nintendo GameCube (but not from a commercial point of view), and came up with a new concept: Motion Gaming. A Nintendo Wii is represented by its mouse, the Wii Sport, this awkward ultra-fine wire detection bar should be placed on or under the TV, but (above all) by its WiMot.

Before Wii, WiMode!

Fifteen years later, Nintendo agrees to explain why and how this accessory was embedded in the living room TV during some of the bowling frenzy. As with any accessory, the Japanese giant has created a variety of prototypes that can be found thanks to the online post of various WiMods that have passed the mold, but they have not been selected.

The opportunity to find the Wimod flock in production, adorned the event with stunning green. Keep in mind that the Nintendo Weave was also distinguished by its white attire at the time, except for the home page at the time, which did not have to be very fashionable. Sega and Dreamcast, With the rule we know …

Next to the B button we can observe the escape with specific concepts showing additional L and R buttons. Nintendo was thinking of a time to integrate a directional control loop around a button that was placed. The directional cross of the controller is pushed to the base of the wimot.

Of course, Nintendo is committed, and this concept will be tested in detail internally, and then refined, and as a result the WiMode will finally be very relaxed, which we all dealt with one day or another. Note that the Nintendo Wii (code name revolution) has sold more than 101 million copies worldwide.

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