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Resident Evil Village Resident Evil 7 - Nert 4. "Bigger" than Life

Resident Evil Village Resident Evil 7 – Nert 4. “Bigger” than Life

Citizen Evil 7 biohazard has been one of the most critically and publicly acclaimed horror games of recent years, but according to many, it has a problem: longevity is not ideal. While enjoying the experience when it was released, fans would have loved it if there had been some extra content. Well, it appears Resident Evil Village No need to worry because it will be. “so big“Pioneer.

Producer Peter Fabiano confirmed in an interview with the official PlayStation Magazine UK (March 2021 issue) that Resident Evil Village will be bigger, and stressed that Allows you to “delete” PS5 SSD uploads From the game. 3D audio has also been used to “swim” in sounds coming from “all directions”.

This is great news for fans. For now we only had the opportunity to try out the Demo of Citizen Evil Village, but the first impact was more than positive. It was very interesting to know that we were going to handle a big game. Moreover, this information seems to confirm the recent leaks that have been talked about on a map similar to a metrovania: it seems that the various game areas are very open and reconnect with each other.

Resident Evil Village has driven everyone crazy for Lady Dimitrescu, and Capcom has revealed how tall she is. Finally, it seems that there will be nudity and sexual content in the game.