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Tianwen-1: Chinese space probe sends first image of Mars

Tianwen-1: Chinese space probe sends first image of Mars

A Chinese space probe is on its way Tuesday The first image of the red planet Earth Wisely. The image released Friday by Chinese space agency CNSA shows a gas system with multiple craters. The Black and white image So it was done at a distance of about 2.2 million kilometers from Mars.

China launched its first voyage to Mars, “Tianwen-1” – “Questions for Heaven” – in July. An orbiter, a lander and a rover were launched into space with a launcher. The robot, which weighs about 200 kilograms, is expected to land on Mars in May and explore the planet’s atmosphere and soil for another three months, taking pictures and mapping the surface.

So far that’s the only one United States Was able to deploy the rover on Mars. On July 30, the American space agency wants NASA Send another, especially large, such vehicle on its way. In 2011, China already shared Russia Tried to send a probe to Mars. However, the mission failed, so a decision was made Peking Go alone.

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