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Resident Evil Village Demo for all dates, PS4-PS5 priority

Resident Evil Village Demo for all dates, PS4-PS5 priority

When the first Resident Evil Showcase aired earlier this year, Capcom revealed that two demos were available for the game. First, located outside the game, reserved for PlayStation players. The second, drawn from the final game, will be when it all delivers. That’s what the Japanese publisher is going to do. Again, that would be an advantage for players on the PS5 and PS4.

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As expected, Resident Evil Village A second demo approaching its release is entitled. As promised by Capcom, the Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC (via Steam) and Stadia gamers can pick it up at this time. However, things are far from simple.

In fact, Capcom has set up at least one system to retrieve this new trial version. Those interested should carefully follow the instructions provided by the editor because it is relatively easy to miss your chance to retrieve this demo.

First, it is important to note PS5 and PS4 users can collect and play this demo in front of others. They cannot use it all at once. From April 18 at 7:00 pm there will be 8 hours to download the first part of the demo set in the PlayStation Players Village. Once downloaded, this demo allows you to play for 30 minutes.

The second part of the demo, which will take place at Chteau Dimitrescu, can be downloaded from April 25 at 7pm French time. Like the first part of the demo, it can only be downloaded for 8 hours and allows 30 minutes to play. The same PS5 and PS4 players can pre-load both parts of this demo from April 16 at 1am, still French time.

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Take note

On other platforms (Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Steam and Stadia) both parts of this demo can be retrieved simultaneously but later. Players who use these media will have 24 hours to download the Resident Evil Village demo on May 2, starting at 2am French time (until May 3, at 2am).

This trial version will give them the opportunity to play 60 minutes in the two areas mentioned above (Village and Fort). Like the PlayStation, this demo can be loaded on April 30, from 2am to before French time. On all computers, this Second Citizen Evil Village demo cannot be restored once the download windows mentioned above are closed.

For those who miss the opportunity to download this demo, the full version of Resident Evil Village will be available on all sites on May 7th.

What do you say about this system set up by Capcom? Is it unnecessarily complicated? Are you planning to download this new demo? Tell us all in the comments below.