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Oculus Quest 2 - Multiplayer.

Oculus Quest 2 – Multiplayer.

Resident Evil 4VR camera shifts from third to first person

Resident Evil 4 VR A special re-edition that restarts the original chapter in the edition Virtual reality Its Oculus Quest2, Specially developed with a new version to better enjoy with the questionable viewer.

The questionable reissue was announced at Resident Evil Village at the April presentation event, from which the announcement of the story of the questionable episode and the second demo came out. Because we are 25th Anniversary In this series, this opportunity was optimal to announce other news related to Resident Evil in general.

So Resident Evil 4 has been adapted to virtual reality and especially Oculus Quest 2: apparently, being a first-person game, the basic variant used for this version First person, So you can enjoy it better with the VR headset.

For the rest, the gameplay and content are practically the same as the previously released Reboot Resident Evil 4 HD reissue, with clear adaptations to the controls that run on it Motion detection controller Presented by Oculus Quest 2.

Thanks to these, the target system, weapons management, grenade use and the possibility of touching objects are transformed in a very intuitive way to the Oculus viewer’s motion control commands, all of which must significantly change the original experience.

Citizen Evil 4VR does not have an exact release date, but more details are expected. April 21, On the occasion of the Oculus Gaming Showcase.