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SteamTech, check how many games in your library are compatible with Proton-Nert 4. Life

Reservations are open for all Steam accounts – old and new –

அடைப்பான் Announced via Twitter, after an initial phase dedicated to its historic users, it is now open for bookings Steam Tech For all steam accounts, they are too New.

Until now, in fact, only those with a Steam account for many years could pre-order the valve console. This is an idea designed to encourage dowry or scallops: only those who have proven valve clients can get a PC / console at startup.

Now that Historical customers They flooded the bookings, we are talking about more than 100,000 bookings in the first two and a half hours, having a verified steam account is enough to book a console.

A This address You will see all the details.

For those unfamiliar, the SteamTech is a new valve branded portable PC that seeks to combine the portability of the Nintendo Switch with the power and versatility of a computer. In our special we tried to imagine a SteamTech vs Nintendo Switch comparison, thus underlining the differences, but also the similarities between the machines.

Now bookings can be made easier and more people can line up and come to the console At the end of the year. For now, there are regional limits and a steam base per account, but once you get an idea of ​​what sizes the valve should handle, these conditions will also change.

Have you booked it?

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