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Alessio Cragno Cagliari

Download PDF Table, Best Fantasy Football Crossings

Time is running out and we are already entering the climate Fantasy football. One of the most loved games by the Italians is going to kick in, and it is already hunting for the first information to build your best team. One of the most useful tools in this sense is undoubtedly the goalkeeper grid, a specific table in which the ‘cross’ between Serie A teams ’extreme defenders is mentioned. How it works This tool, and what Intersections This year? Here she is Goalkeeper Phase 2021-2022: Download it in PDF.

How the goalkeeper phase, or calendar transforms fantasy football

When designing Serie A calendars, football fans are often interested in the matches of their favorite team, which is natural.

However, for fantasy football players he knows that in one way or another, the event will also affect the progress of the auction, which will attract his favorite players. Why? To the goalkeeper stage, of course! This tool is used to understand which teams will be playing at home on the same team for several days during the championship.

What is this tool for fantasy football?

But what is this information for? As a typical role model, home players can start with the condition that they will generally agree to fewer goals. As a direct result, having at least one goalkeeper every day (or almost) whose team plays at home is, most conveniently, in fact, trying to enjoy fewer penalties. In practice, it is better for a playmaker to play for as many days as possible within the friendly walls of at least one goalkeeper team, more likely to not concede any goals.

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The The grid of goalkeepers of fantasy football That’s it. This is a very useful tool for selecting goalkeepers’ own assortment in pink. How does it work? The stage is nothing more than a table in which ‘crosses’ are pronounced among Serie A’s fierce defenders, with either goalkeeper playing in the same round at either team’s home, or alternating between the two at home, or both leaving the house.

How the goalkeeper grid works, and why

The purpose of the phase is to find a cross that is conducive to the performance of your fantasy football. A proper abduction occurs when the table has a value of 38, i.e. when the goalkeepers of both teams play at home each day.

For example, this happens with both teams in Samptoria and Genoa and, inevitably, will always be an alternative to playing for Marathi. At this point it is easy to imagine how at least one goalkeeper on both teams would play at home in each match.

Conversely, the lower the value at the goalkeepers stage, the fewer the number of days the goalkeepers of one of the two teams play at home. This occurs with the example of Napoli and Emboli with a value of 6. Therefore, having goalkeepers from these two teams often means that neither of the two plays at home.

Goalkeeper Grid Fantasy Football 2021-2022: Download Table with PDFs of Crosses and Additions