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Request for help with wall water heater problem.

Request for help with wall water heater problem.

good morning

My name is Antonio, and I would love to hear your opinion on the water heater installed by a plumber when we renovated our apartment in 2004.

The apartment is located in a condominium located on a street in the city center.

The water heater in question was fitted in a personalized area in the Vaillant Mag Turbo 24 / IT bathroom and drained into an open porch / balcony exit wall with the standard certification provided to me.

The system is working and always works well, and I received it from a condominium who had been living in my basement for many years, in which the condominium told me that the water heater discharge was not correct. The wall but had to go up to the ceiling (I mention that this condominium was understood during this period, it had an old gas water heater with an open chamber, which expelled smoke by emitting smoke into a pipe inserted into the condominium hood. Eliminate the situation worse than mine.)

However, as the condominium will be renewed with a 90% facade bonus and a 50% roof renewal from September 2021, I submitted myself to the administrator with the option of trying to assess whether various faulty conditions can be corrected by creating a drainage column. It leads to smoke on the roof.

Most apartments with an administrator and architect who follow the tasks and have an electrical system oppose this estimate.

In recent months I have been trying to find an alternative rating for my instantaneous gas system and 8 different plumbers have come to my house and advised me to stay in this situation as we are a family of 6 (actually we have 4 kids) change the system and switch to a heat pump or storage system in the apartment There will not be enough space to put the storage boiler … most technicians told me. A large family will take up at least 200 liters of storage space, and the only place we can possibly use in terms of usage is the Wild Mac Premium Turbo 24 / IT, which is a small enclosed chamber of water. Heater.

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The agent Ariston who last came with a plumber told me, according to him, the water heater was certified by a professional fitter in 2004 and has been in this position for many years, given the fact that we are many in the family. He recommends keeping this system in place for all these years so that it does not always cause problems and that there is always an instantaneous gas system that is small enough to be broken, so you can plug them in where the current water heater is.

I wonder who should I contact to make sure the work being done is done in accordance with the law?

Can a heating engineer provide me with a card to attach to my certificate so that I can have this system with peace of mind and replace it if something similar is damaged?

Please give me a hand to understand how to behave because I no longer know who to trust and I do not know what to do anymore. If someone ever repeats the finger, I can activate my position with additional certification.