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Release Date Postponed to 24 Hour Release -

Release Date Postponed to 24 Hour Release –

Splitgate, Interesting online first person shooter Postponed 24 hours after release. On July 21, 2021, the game was expected in version 1.0, but the beta phase revealed some issues and the 1047 sports team decided to postpone Exit date Until an unspecified date in August 2021.

Splitgate, as mentioned, is a first person shooter, which provides a game based on portals that allow you to move instantly from one point to another. Attacked by athletes in recent days Server They began to experience the effects. Instead of resolving the situation during the launch, the team wanted to postpone the release date of version 1.0 to August.

Splitgate mixes FPS and portal

Meanwhile, in any case, the Beta version Constantly available and players can continue to try Splitgate. The developers also shared the results of the beta: the game ranks first among free Xbox games, is popular on PlayStation, Steam and has reached 15,470 players simultaneously on Steam, according to SteamdB data.

“Our team was blown away by the incredible reception the Splitgate community showed us,” said Ian Brooks. 1047 Games CEO In a new report. “With the sharp and sudden increase in the number of players trying to access servers, we have to solve countless technical issues related to the development of this crazy level. We have worked hard to provide high quality gaming and experience. Our challenge is to have enough capability to serve the whole community.”

Splitgate has actually received over 600,000 downloads in a week of open beta.

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