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Improved assistant and processor, his courage begins to emerge

Improved assistant and processor, his courage begins to emerge

9to5 According to Google’s inventions, the first integrated watch provided by Google can carry both the new generation assistant and the Exynos processor. Although tweezers should be taken at this stage of the project.

Google Pixel Watch

La Google Pixel Watch // Source: John Prosser & Renderspian

Rumors a Attached clock Google is spreading on the internet. Other than that, until now, there was no concrete to eat. Until the end of 2021, the file was put back on the table in a much clearer way than usual.

Between a start Scheduled for next year, From Internal images of its design And thisThe aesthetic inspiration of its dials, New information about her – though cautiously welcomed – has been gaining momentum over the past few weeks. This time 9to5Google Bring his stone to the building with some precious inventions.

Still a talented assistant?

The media actually went to explore the latest update to the Google app that detected the tag “PIXEL_EXPERIENCE_WATCH”. This type of tag usually reminds us of one or more features that are unique to Pixel devices. 9to5Google.

Google Pixel Watch

La Google Pixel Watch // Source: John Prosser & Renderspian

Also, The Pure player American has found clues as to whether the Pixel Watch will take the next-generation assistant on board, which will process your requests directly from the device in question and not via the team’s servers. Results: Everything is done much faster than usual.

This means that the Google Smartwatch can perform additional functions or add features that other WearOS watches do not have in their older Assistant version. 9to5Google For example, Wear OS hopes that voice recognition will be greatly improved.

Towards Exynos Processor?

Finally, research led to the integration of the product code name Rohan with the Samsung Exynos processor, not Qualcomm. Is this really amazing? Not really, because the Korean giant has collaborated a lot with its American number Wear OS 3.

We imagine here that everything would have been better when the two parties had worked together Hardware And this Software. However, the Pixel Watch ink should continue to drip for the next few months until Google decides to officially launch it.

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