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Forza Horizon 5: 4K 11 contexts in detail with pictures and videos!  |  Xbox One

Forza Horizon 5: 4K 11 contexts in detail with pictures and videos! | Xbox One

Mexico is undoubtedly a place that allows developers Forza Harrison5 Than unleashing their creativity more than ever. And after detailed Seasons of the game, Forza Horizon 5’s different contexts have the right to detail today, including video and images.

Mike Brown, Creative Director of Forza Horizon at Playground Games, recalled that the team wanted to make this episode the biggest Forza Horizon to date. The Playground Games team has divided Forza Horizon 5’s Mexico into 11 unique and unique biomes, which are described below with pictures and videos.


Fun fact: Each biome has a unique sound, and the valley has more echoes than anything else.

Tropical beach

This may be what you think when you imagine a tropical vacation in Mexico. Filled with palm trees, seagulls, white sand beaches and calm water it looks like a postcard is coming to life. At least that’s it until you hit the storm season, which will completely change the landscape. Look at the flying palm trees!

Agriculture Land

Unlike the flat or dry farmland found in previous Forza Horizon games, these rolling hills are filled with lush vegetation, fruit trees and wide, shallow rivers. There will be plenty of fences and strange farms to explore as you travel. Who said barn treasure?

Dry mountains

This biome attracts dry grass on rolling hills and plains and provides plenty of open space for walking if you are in the mood for off-roading. One of the most interesting features of this biome is a lake that dries up in the winter, opening up quick passages and shortcuts through secret areas.

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In the forest

Filled with lush, dense vegetation and tall trees, the beautiful rays of sunlight allow it to pass through the canopy, and this biome surrounds the stunning waterfalls and rivers. There are numerous hidden temples in the region, all of which are based on actual locations in Mexico.

Living desert

The first in the Forza Horizon series, Forza Horizon 5 features a cactus desert. There are many rock formations and rock formations unique to the area. As the name suggests, it is full of life and full of flowers and wildlife.

Rocky Beach

Although the tropical beach is full of trees and vegetation, it has a completely different vibe. At the end of the day you will have full sea views and excellent sunset views as there are not many trees. As a bonus for all golfers, there is even a golf course.

Sand desert

Filled with tall sand dunes this biome is perfect for passing a non-standard and marking its passage in the sand. If you do not feel like holding sand between your toes, most roads in this area are long, so there are plenty of opportunities to see how fast you can actually go.


Although a swamp may not seem like the best place to run, the shallow water of this biome is the best place for it. The swamp also has many swamps with very thick and interconnected roots. In races you can actually run them and change lanes depending on whether or not you can handle your car.

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City of Guanajuato

Like many cities in Mexico, it has amazing architecture and vibrant colors everywhere you look. However, unlike many cities, it has a lot of mountains and subways that make for some fun racing routes. Like the Canyon, you will hear numerous echoes echoing through the narrow streets of the city.


This majestic mountain is located next to the living desert. It is a very high volcano, so driving upwards is a unique experience that rewards players with a horizon as far as the eye can see. This is the only place you face snow in the game, so pack an extra jacket.

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