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Automatic installation on other devices

Automatic installation on other devices

A few days ago, Google had the new root OS again Announced It also provided exciting innovations for the installation of applications. It looks like these new functions have already started because first users can report. Therefore, Google does not determine the functionality described below based on whether it is present on a clock New root OS3 Has been provided. When installing compatible apps in the Play Store, users will see that automatic preference is available for other devices.

Device selection comes down to smartphones

Until now, device selection was the only option in the Google Play Store that ran unrestricted on the web version. A more or less comparable variant is now available directly on the Play Store on our Android smartphones. At the moment, however, Google is primarily targeting root OS smartwatches. If an app also has a smartwatch version, the Play Store automatically installs it on the watch. Or you can uninstall the device in the new selection menu to prevent installation.

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