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Regfest - Regnado Warning: New competition and new car pack on the way

Regfest – Regnado Warning: New competition and new car pack on the way

Are you ready for a “regnado”? The brand new race unleashes a storm of real destruction. Who are the four big loops … leading to the real loop of annihilation! This month’s new competition is all about worrying about the arrival of the tow truck: the goal is to turn off as many AI carts as possible on the regnato course and keep your own position in the race in mind. The more you progress, the more points you get for smashing your opponent.

Venture at Regnato today – the free update is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Car Pack # 9, also known as “The Reckless Car Bag” is now available

Expand your fleet with these three extraordinary cars! The Regless car pack is now available for purchase for 99 3.99, but it is included in Season Pass 2.

  • Corbyn: The secret community favorite has finally arrived. This wild beauty offers pure driving pleasure – more destructive fun!
  • Blade: Americans are like this! This 80s muscle car looks fast even when stable.
  • Stephen: With this classic from pop culture, you cool other carts. Frost.

This third DLC set is also part of Season Pass 2, which includes a total of 12 new cars, including four DLCs.

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