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Black Myth Wukong: There is action in the East, and it's awesome

Black Myth Wukong: There is action in the East, and it’s awesome

Historically themed video games Always fascinated the public From around the world, when a work is presented that deals with these themes, it is not surprising that one of them, whether they are real themes or myths. Issued last August, the title is based on a Chinese story “Journey to the West “, Also known for promoting Akira Toriyama’s immortal manga: Dragon ball. The game will use and release Unreal Engine 4 On PC and all major consoles, Presumably the PS5 and Xbox Series X as far as we know in theory To be released in 2023.

Black Myth Wokong looks like an action RPG Very similar dynamics to topics From the software, Despite this Game Science Interactive has confirmed that it was inspired God of War Especially in relation to the sports camera. “The idea of ​​following the action on the screen with a single line shot, thinking about the wonderful God of War, which is a video game, we were strongly impressed ”.

During these hours the team has released a new and interesting trailer in which we are shown a fascinating and exciting game. According to the developers, in fact, Monkey King, This is the name of our alternative Ego, he can handle dodges, flanks and martial arts, and players can trust You can learn more than 70 different skills during the adventure. The panel said there would be no news or information in the short term, however it was a work that should not be underestimated and taken into account. We bring you the questionable video below and enjoy it.

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