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Redirection: Cycle Suspension and Photo Mode in the Menu for Update 2.0 - News

Redirection: Cycle Suspension and Photo Mode in the Menu for Update 2.0 – News

Foremost among these innovations is the function that allows you to pause the cycle, making it very easy to pause the game and disable the console without fear of losing its progress for one reason or another, such as an automatic update or crash. . Keep in mind that placing your console on hold can interrupt your game in the middle of the cycle, but it also means you can’t leave the game.

The structure of the game remains the same, however, this feature is not the traditional storage option found in other games: when you pause the cycle, Return creates a one-time suspension point. When you restart your game, this ellipse is erased and can no longer be used. The game will restart where you left off, and if you want to pause the cycle again, your progress will be saved from a new point.“, To explain Harry Krueger, Creative Director of the game.

Also, keep in mind that rotation suspension cannot be used in the midst of boss fights, cut scenes, first person shots or even conflict. “Because we believe that some moments of return should live without interruption“, Read on.

Housemark also offers a photo mode, which is now almost mandatory on Sony products. Photo mode can be accessed at all times, except in special situations such as first-person view sequences. It offers custom settings to manage focal length, aperture, intensity or contrast, but also offers the choice between different light sources or different filters, effects, frames and colors to better illuminate the scene.

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