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Return, 2.0 update available on PS5 with Photo Mode and Suspended Cycle -

Return, 2.0 update available on PS5 with Photo Mode and Suspended Cycle –

Return Receives todayUpdate 2.0, Which introduces Photo mode And function Pause the cycle, Two additions most requested by game owners.

A few days ago there was talk of a major update to Return, and rumors have been confirmed: better exclusive PS5 Developed by Housemark has taken a big step with this Update, Game director Harry Krueger explained on the PlayStation blog.

“One of the key features of the update is the pause cycle, which allows you to Pause the cycle Then to restart it, you can leave the game and turn off the console without losing the progress of that session, “Krueger wrote.

“The game system is unchanged, so we don’t handle a traditional system Recovery: By pausing the loop, the return will create a single suspension point that will be deleted once and cannot be used again.

“So, the game will continue from where you left off, and if you want to stop the cycle again, progress will be fixed at a new level”, however, the game director explained that this can not be used. Activity, cinematic scenes, first person positions or more challenging fights during a boss fight.

As for the photo mode, you can take a photo at any time (except for certain situations like first person phases): pause and access the process using analog sticks and triggers to move the scene. And get the right angle for the shot.

After that, you can have fun with the traditional size adjustments in between FiltersComplete the process by clicking the Create button on the DualSense controller to save the screenshot, focal length, aperture, aperture, concentration, variation and more.

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