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Racing platform Multiplatform accepts Bitcoin and distributes NFT -

Racing platform Multiplatform accepts Bitcoin and distributes NFT –

As we have reported in the last few hours, Sony Patented an organization designed to live up to the challenges during certain sporting events. Now the important details of this project are coming out, for example, it will be cross-platform, not affiliated with the PlayStation brand and compatible with VR. Also, lovers of cryptocurrencies will be happy to know that this system will be accepted Bitcoin And can distribute NFT.

Michael Chow, one of Sony’s engineers, said the system was registered on May 13, 2021, although it was released at the end of 2019. Mechanical learning.

The interpretation of the patent is intended to provide the audience with information on the discrepancies associated with the challenges of whether to make money or not. Successes are “money” (for example money or Bitcoin) And non-cash (Sporting Goods, Digital Rights and Virtual Currency) “, reads the patent. NFT (Non-fungal tokens), unique digital objects have become popular in recent weeks.

The system will update automatically and in real time and will automatically distribute the wins based on the outcome of the event.

This site is provided Overlay Live at the event “Sony’s PlayStation or GameCom consoles Bureau Microsoft and Nintendo and other manufacturers of virtual reality, augmented reality, portable televisions (smart TVs, Internet TV), headsets for PCs, tablets and phones.

As for the patent, I have to say that I am not sure if Sony will use it. However, many have linked this to the Japanese multinational’s greater interest in the sports scene, for example, the acquisition of EVO, the world’s largest fighting competition.

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You can find it at this address Patent page.