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Social Conversation Virus

Social Conversation Virus

A tweet exchange immediately went viral on the internet and has already made history. Heroes? Telegram e WhatsApp: Actually Russian site a few days ago Using the sensor tower report To tease the contestant with a monument.

Taking the icons of the Windows Recycle Bin, Telegram added the 2021 version in the 1995, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2006 and 2015 editions, where the WhatsApp logo and Facebook icon stand out: a Mark Zuckerberg’s clear call to the trash.

However, after a while, through a fake WhatsApp conversation, he ran into a coffee. Apple will access the app’s encrypted chats via iCloud, Via Google Drive, and directly from WhatsApp.

However, This does not correspond to reality In fact developer Alessandro Balusi, in response to the tweet, said that neither Google nor Apple have the keys to access the .crypt12 database, in which all chat information is stored.

The misinformation of social media managers quickly went viral, picking up memes and more on other social networks.

Meanwhile the telegram is recent Started new group video calls Through this he magnified.

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