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Cover stars and driver legends have been confirmed for F1 2021

Cover stars and driver legends have been confirmed for F1 2021

Codemasters and E.A. Sports today releases seven iconic drivers that will be part of F1 2021’s digital deluxe content in “My Team” mode.

The carefully crafted three-tier list, which allows players to select an icon at the start of “My Team” game mode, contains some of the most successful Formula 1 drivers produced by Motorsport. Drivers for 2021 will then get an initial overview of their driving figures before appearing in the campaign.

Seven symbols:

  • Michael Schumacher (94): 91 wins in 308 races and seven-time world champion
  • Ayrton Senna (94): 41 wins, 65 pole positions and three world championships
  • Alain Proust (93): 51 wins, 41 fast race laps and four world championships
  • Jensen Button (90): World champion in the first season of 2009 Fran G.P.
  • Nico Rosberg (89): Won nine of 21 races in his successful championship season in 2016
  • David Cooldhart (87): 13 Race Wins, 62 Podium Slots and Sub-World Champion 2001
  • Felipe Massa (86): 11 wins, 41 podiums and runner-up in the 2008 season

In addition, global cover stars for F1 2021 have been confirmed: Louis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and Charles Lecklerk. All three drivers are in excellent form this season. Hamilton holds the record for the eighth World Championship, while Verstappen does his best to stop him, and Leclerc drives for the revived Ferrari team.

Additional news on F1 2021 can be found at the officer Website And on social media channels Instagram, Twitter, Web light And Facebook.

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