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They steal everything from you, here's how to find it - Libero Cottidiano

They steal everything from you, here’s how to find it – Libero Cottidiano

“Techniques to spy on us are evolving more and more.” Marco Kamisani Calsolari, Technology enthusiast Remove messages, Warns Italians about dangers Spy software, Applications that allow hackers to spy on us A smartphone. “Today, a device capable of recording our every move, everything we write or speak, is always in our pocket because the end is always there. A microphone Will always be. How can we defend ourselves? ”

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The goal of the spies, MCC recalled, was to log into the phone and verify it. “And they are Business software To do so, you can buy them. And they enter like butter. “This software is increasingly sophisticated. All sent or received emails or conversations we have with hackers are accessible. Skype, Messenger or WhatsApp. Screenshots of each open app or where we were. Or worse: Listen or watch live Live everything we do or say if we are close to the smartphone. “And all this spy software is for sale and completely legal, but only if you use it on your device to protect it in case of loss.”

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How to save yourself? For example, do not leave your smartphone with another person, “because you need a cable to connect it to your computer, it’s very easy to secretly download software,” warns Kamisani Calsolari. One clue to understanding whether we are being spied on is to pay attention to the battery: if it wears out fast and fast, if the phone is hot and slow, it could be a sign of spyware.

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