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Qatar reopens doors to fully vaccinated French travelers

Qatar reopens doors to fully vaccinated French travelers

The Qatari government has reopened its borders to international travelers who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, vaccines approved by the Qatari Ministry of Public Health. A new streamlined package to facilitate travel to Qatar is being implemented and will come into effect immediately, while adhering to the precautionary measures required to continue to protect against the spread of COVID-19.

The new measures will allow unvaccinated individuals to travel to Qatar without isolation. However, all visitors – whether vaccinated or not – must undergo a PCR test within 72 hours of travel.

However, after booking any flight after staying in Qatar, check their origin and conditions of entry into the destination country, taking into account that these policies may change with notice.

For visitors to Qatar, international visitors, citizens and residents must register and upload the required documents, submit a vaccination certificate, a PCR test valid for up to 72 hours per trip, and personal information on the website. “ Etherus »((

Passengers must request permission on the website “ Etherus (Free), at least 12 hours before they depart for Qatar. In addition, all travelers to Qatar are advised to submit their application as soon as they have all the documents required to board their flight as planned. Airlines are advised to allow passengers to board only with valid travel authorization to Qatar from the aforementioned entry date.

In addition, visitor visa rules apply to some nationalities, but more than 80 nationals must travel to Qatar. “ Visit Visa Free. Visitor visa applicants are advised to obtain it first and then apply for their travel authorization on the website. “ Etherus “Visitors must book a confirmed hotel to go to Qatar.

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For more information on new practices and future updates, visit the Ministry of Public Health website.

In addition, all travelers must download and activate the mobile app. “ Etherus 2, This requires a Qatari national SIM card. You can also purchase a SIM card from Oradea or Vodafone upon arrival at Hamad International Airport (HIA). Once the card is activated, visitors can participate in public activities such as shopping malls, restaurants, museums or using taxis or public transport.

One year ago, Qatar Tourism, in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health, said, “ Qatar cleaning To the Department of Hospitality and Tourism to ensure the safety of Qatar visitors. However, the Ministry of Public Health advises all visitors to be vigilant and adhere to all preventive measures, including wearing a safety mask, which is mandatory in Qatar (indoors and outdoors, at all times), avoiding heavy traffic and disinfecting your hands.

Qatar Tourism expects the state of Qatar to welcome international visitors back and showcase the best of the country as Qatar prepares to welcome the 2022 FIFA World Cup and wish all visitors a safe journey.

VaccineOPSP rules for what is considered a complete vaccine or supplementary requirement
1. Community provided by Pfizer Bioentech (MRNA vaccine)

2. SpikeWax (MRNA Vaccine) by ModernDeX, Inc.

3. Oxford-AstraZeneca vaxvria, and Govshield (viral vector vaccine)

4. Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson (Viral Vector Vaccine)
14 days should have elapsed since the end of the vaccination program

2 injections for F Pfizer Bioendech, Moderna, Astrogeneka

• Pour 1 needle Johnson & Johnson
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About Qatar
In the center of the Middle East, Qatar is a peninsula surrounded by the Persian Gulf, located in less than six 80-hour flights. % Of the earth’s population. Rated by Nambio as the safest country in the world by 2020, Qatar welcomes all travelers, including visitors from more than 85 countries who can enter without a visa. The country is home to numerous easily accessible tourist sites, including whale sharks and Arabian oryx, a majestic national animal, and most of the experiences offer a unique blend of cultural authenticity. Modernity. From iconic museums to restaurants at a glance, from exciting desert adventures to world-famous events such as the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, Qatar caters to all types of travelers and budgets.

About Qatar Tourism
Qatar Tourism is the official government agency responsible for promoting and promoting tourism in Qatar, which facilitates the rapid growth of the sector. Qatar is an anchor of service excellence, bringing together people from all over the world to enjoy unique offerings in the fields of art, culture, sports and adventure, targeting families and business visitors. Qatar Tourism aims to stimulate the entire tourism value chain, increase demand from local and international visitors, attract foreign investment and create a proliferative effect on the national economy. Qatar tourism strategy 2030 sets an ambitious goal: to attract more than 6 million international visitors by 2030, making Qatar one of the fastest growing destinations in the Middle East.