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BMW M2, surplus di potenza da record

BMW M2, record surplus – Monto Auto

The latest launch of the new BMW 2 Series coupe opens the door to an instant one M2. The high-performance variant of the 2 Series was changed in the test to wear a camouflage distribution, which apparently obscured its appearance. Nevertheless, we know that the new generation of M2 will bring one Very elegant and refined design, With the radiator grille and headlights loudly reminiscent of the same style as the standard version of the Series 2 coupe.

BMW has the Black Vermilion version X5 and X6

Elsewhere, the very aggressive front bumper stands out, signifying the sportiness of this new M2. However, on the back, a Four tailpipe exhaust system, As well as a very attractive design bumper and a small spoiler on the trunk. Inside the passenger compartment, unlike the exterior, there are several references to the design of the iX electric SUV: in particular, an independent digital device dominates the masonry display. Display for infotainment system, Both of these are similar to those found in the German electric shortcut.

BMW 2 Series Coupe, Technology and Sporty Soul

Need to understand what the motor offer will be. As announced Corcoops, At the top of the range should propose a variant of the M2 equipped with a 3.0-liter twin-turbo six-cylinder engine capable of delivering total power Between 480 hp and 490 hp. If these specifications are confirmed, it is a significant step up for BMW in terms of performance because the current M2 competition delivers a maximum of 400 hp of power. There have been long-standing rumors about an impressive leap in the performance of this new generation M2, which is expected to go into production in December 2022: previous reports suggest that the new M2 will be offered with Rear wheel drive only, A completely different choice to the current BMW product, which includes configurations with all-wheel drive for high-performance models.

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