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Publisher 505 Games brings Horace to Nintendo Switch

Publisher 505 Games brings Horace to Nintendo Switch

Released on PC last year, Horace 2D became a standout topic in the platform adventure and indie game scene. Appreciated for its platform, humor and storytelling, the game now leads to the Nintendo Switch. This game is aptly referred to as the “most British earthbound”.

Excellently designed by Paul Hellman and Sean Scapehorn, a two-person development team, Horace is a unique and heartwarming gaming experience that emerges as a cinematic adventure with 15+ hours of exciting and challenging operating system, puzzle solving and many mini-games. Skills inspired by MetroDvania are unlocked as players progress through challenging platform areas, puzzles and tough bosses invite players to test their skills further.

Horace can be seen digitally Nintendo iShop From today to 99 14.99.

Written by Jennifer Burch

Illustrator, designer, writer and great Nintendo geek, Jennifer can reach 24/7 with an N3DS. As a senior at the age of three, he has escaped from several Mario Party, Super Smash Brothers and Mario Kart sessions, in addition to joining his brothers in some weird games. (Anyone cube?)

Jennifer Burch
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