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Nintendo Switch Pro: The Nintendo boss says about the release

Nintendo Switch Pro: The Nintendo boss says about the release

IIn locked times, consoles are very popular. For example, Nintendo expects to increase sales of the switch console, which is said to be louder now. Media reports 80 million pieces. Not surprisingly, if you do not have the opportunity to go out on your own with friends, you can use games such as “Animal Crossing – New Horizons” and hold virtual meetings. But other sports titles are also popular. It has been known for months that the heir of “The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild” will be released. Headline rumor to call the strongest version of the switch. However, whether it will appear in the future remains to be seen.

Super Switch: That’s what the Nintendo boss says

“Nintendo Switch Pro”, “Super Switch” – What’s the name of the new Nintendo Switch? That’s a good question. Similarly, the model will always come, if so, when. Fans should be patient, because during the company’s quarterly meeting, Nintendo chairman Shundaro Furukawa announced that the company does not want to announce a new switch model any time soon. It stops Possible Switch Pro or Super Switch, regardless of name.

Zelda and switch to a bundle?

But there is another perspective: Nintendo’s 2020 fiscal year ends on March 31, 2021. The new one starts on April 1, 2021. So if you release an upgrade of the console by the end of 2021, it will not be “soon” and everything will be fine. Also, Nintendo is celebrating the 35th anniversary of the “Legend of Zelda” series in 2021. In this case a bundle of new switches and the new “Zelda” game “Breath of Wild 2” will appear. Only the name of the console needs to be clarified. Two leaks suggest that the new Nintendo switch will appear under the name “Super Switch”. Will journalist Point Pedro Henrik Lutty Lippe and Liquor Tyler McWicker be right?

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