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Psychological horror game "In Sound Mind" is also coming to Nintendo Switch, and will receive a deluxe retail version

Psychological horror game “In Sound Mind” is also coming to Nintendo Switch, and will receive a deluxe retail version

Modus Games today announced the release of the upcoming reality-breaking psychological thriller Sound Mind on the Nintendo Switch with the previously announced Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 and PC operating systems. In addition, the deluxe version of the game is no longer available You can order in advance.

Deluxe version of Sound Mind. Available for 39.99, it also includes The Living Tombstone’s digital soundtrack and digital art book, allowing horror fans to dive even deeper into this surreal world.

With this announcement, the official main art of the game also emerged. In addition to the demo Here The song can be played for free on Steam to gain an insight into the game world in advance “A Dolls House” From the soundtrack of The Living Tombstone.

Sound Mind is a first person horror game in which players face unpredictable dangers in the memories of different people. The title, which transforms harmless, simple memories into shocking experiences, was created by the creators of the famous Nightmare House 2 mode. Oh, and there is a talking cat in the game as well.

All the news about Sound Mind can be found here Official site, On Modus Games (modus_games) on Twitter and Difference of opinion. The game is over Here Steam added to wishlist.

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