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Pokemon Diamond Edition - Cover der Nintendo DS-Version (C) Nintendo

Pokemon Diamond / Pearl remakes should be announced before the anniversary

According to a Twitter account, it should Pokemon Diamond And Pearl Big front Pokemon Anniversary Nintendo Will be notified.


Hispanic page Pokemon Center Announced in the past Pokemon Diamond And Pearl February 27, 2021 is the 25th anniversary Pokemon Rights, finally officially Nintendo Will be notified. Rumors are rife.

New note

But there is now Pokemon Center The announcement of the remakes was also reported via their Twitter account Pokemon Diamond And Pearl In front Pokemon Birthday Nintendo Should be announced and fans should not have to wait long.

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Pokemon Center Writes:

They don’t have to be out until Pokemon February 27th is the day for the best news you have been waiting for. See you next week. “

It is translated as:

“You (note: fans) are not Pokemon February 27th is the day for the big news you can expect. See you next week. “


Of course, one can still be skeptical here, because of how something Nintendo Well known, only official announcements are counted as confirmation. We must not forget that many of the rumors that have been circulating in recent times have actually been confirmed on a large scale. You don’t have to be a prophet on this topic anyway: after many previous remakes Pokemon The title is only one thing before this Pokemon Diamond And Pearl Will finally appear.

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New Pokemon Snap, Classic sequel Nintendo 64 The title will be released on April 30, 2021.

As the fan remake of this Unreal Engine mentions, the fan base is looking forward to it as well.

Inflammation: via CenterPokémon,

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