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PS5 Exclusive Misunderstands and Changes Challenges -

PS5 Exclusive Misunderstands and Changes Challenges –

Destruction Allstars Available through PS Plus On PS5 One week ago, it received a new update that modifies technical and compatibility issues and changes the performance of weekly and daily challenges / tasks. Details here Appendix 1.2.3.

As pointed out in our review, The Allstars destructive missions They are not only uninteresting in terms of the game, they are completely useless for improving one’s player level. In fact, it is rewarded with 3,000 experience points daily and 5,000 weekly. Completely unequal negative values ​​compared to PE obtained by competition. So clear game rewards have changed: starting with Patch 1.2.3, donating daily tasks 25,000 B.E. (Practically the full ranks of the first teams), while on weekends they donate Allstars coins directly, which can be useful for purchasing cosmetics.

This move, which came earlier than we expected, will not only solve the problem of the usefulness of the challenges, It takes total time to get all the cosmetics Decreases. Considering that these are only new colors for default clothing, the skins took longer to open. However, this is not the only new feature in Destruction Allstars Patch 1.2.3.

Some issues that caused Client failureImproved the interpretation of error messages, reduced the frequency with which players of a party were divided into different matches at the end of a match, and fixed the error showing incorrect player size. The Fitting issues Another aspect we emphasized in the review: It is gratifying to see the team work on the most important issues.

You can read our review of Destruction Allstars at this address.

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