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An online job forum for French people who want to immigrate to Canada

An online job forum for French people who want to immigrate to Canada

Target Canada Mobility Forum A workshop forum with hundreds of exhibitors sent overseas to Canada, scheduled for February 2021 in Paris and March 2021 in Brussels. Due to the current Govt-19 health crisis complicating the trip, the forum is finally fully online via the virtual site from February 26, 2021. If you are interested, posts will be open until February 15th, so there is only a very limited time!

Canada looking for French-speaking staff

To this end the Canada Movement Forum brings together several Canadian companies that want to hire French-speaking staff. This is illustrated by Canada’s desire to attract more than one million immigrants by 2023, especially on francophones.

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The most represented fields during this forum are video games recruiting mainly in Quebec, usually special effects and information technology, French speaking education, childhood, hospitality, building, carpentry or heating trades.

Very severe movement conditions

After registering at the Movement Forum, you can book your day from 2pm to 8pm to chat with selectors from around a hundred exhibitors. If you ever have a chance, know that you can go to Canada despite health restrictions. In fact, your trip will be justified for a professional reason, so you will have to pass a PCR exam on arrival, and you will be locked up in a hotel for three days, followed by 11 days of very harsh imprisonment.

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