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Gemma Calcani cries and Massimiliano loves Nadia

Gemma Calcani cries and Massimiliano loves Nadia

In the men & women episode that aired today on Canale5, Massimiliano downloaded Gemma Galgani who didn’t take it right.

In the new Betting From Men and women, Airing today on Canale5, is a bad blow to Gemma Galgani. Turin believed that the woman could date Massimiliano, and instead wanted Nadia, making it clear that he had no romantic intentions with the Turin woman. In the studio, the play was unleashed and Gemma was accused of exaggerating the situation.

Men and women: Massimiliano makes Gemma Calcani cry

After the last Betting From Men and women, Gemma Calcani Bewitched by Massimiliano And I decided to talk to the knight before leaving the studio. Ending the series of improvements, the Turin woman sheds tears Meeting with Massimiliano We are talking about love at first sight. Kalkani He is happy but Tina Cipollari Without giving the knights time to think, the woman always remembers coming in fourth among her acquaintances and harshly criticizes her excitement. Maria de Philippi Reports Gemma That Massimiliano Contacted another woman from the Border Trono Over Or நதியா.

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Turin behaves very badly, attacking his rival, accusing him of having a knight, and then asking for the number. Massimiliano, Knowing that she had already expressed her desire. “Mr. Massimiliano did not come down for you, for which I was free to contact him, otherwise I would not have done it.”, Explained நதியா See the applause of the audience. When the exterior between the two is displayed, Gemma burst into tears Disappointment, especially after hearing Massimiliano To say that nothing can be born with her.

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Kalkani cries in frustration, Hurt by Knightie’s words, refuses to invite her to dinner the same evening. “Don’t go, you don’t even remember inviting me to dinner, you have no sense of saying I did not accept begging”, Broke Turin. When many people find the reaction Gemma, That some believe நதியா Was wrong, especially towards Franco, He wanted to keep when he started to attend Massimiliano. Despite the criticisms, Franco He explained that he was aware of the situation and that there was no problem then Maria de Philippi He was told to keep going so as not to rotate the knife in the wound.

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