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Promise: Where to find a model?

[ATTESTATION SUR L’HONNEUR] How to write a pledge? Reply here with a free sample letter (word or PDF) to customize.

An affidavit is a written statement signed by the person (s) who established it. It is solicited when it is difficult to prove a fact or circumstance in any other way. Here are the rules to follow and the pledge template for download.

Many companies, including you, have the opportunity to ask for an affidavit Employment Center, Tax administration or even social security. Here is an incomplete list of cases Consent Form You may be asked:

Content a Consent Form Obviously depends on the process to be carried out, but you can use our pledge model.

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[Prénom(s), Nom(s)
Code Postal / Ville
Numéro de téléphone mobile
Adresse email valide]

[Prénom(s), Nom(s)
Adresse complète de l’organisme destinataire
Code Postal / Ville]

Location and date

Subject: Confession

I signed below) [prénom et nom]Resides [adresse postale complète] Certify with: [faits ou situation à attester].

Created to serve and emphasize the right.

Made [ville]The [date] [Signature(s)]

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The affidavit can be handwritten or typed with the signature of the person concerned. Signing and using a false affidavit is punishable by up to 3 years in prison and a fine of up to ,000 45,000.

If you do not like or need to modify the above document by word processing software, JDN will download the sample certificate of honor in PDF format by clicking the button below and then print it out, giving you the option to complete different fields manually. Marked by dotted lines:

  • Your contact details on the top left,
  • Recipient on the right,
  • Back to your contact details in the first column
  • The second paragraph is an explanation of the fact or circumstance to be certified
  • Place and date of last writing of the document
  • Finally the signature.

Download the PDF

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