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Vilada Steam Plus Steam Cleaner Test: The Enemy of Pros is the Best

Vilada Steam Plus Steam Cleaner Test: The Enemy of Pros is the Best

Vilada wants a Steam Plus heat-up time champion. In this case the manufacturer declares a delay of 15 seconds for the use of the device. We obviously tested and the promise was somewhat kept: we clocked 19 seconds before seeing and hearing the first puff of steam.

This is to evaluate the performance of the broom wash. According to his friends, we spread a mixture of lipstick, soda, oil and water and carbon black on the floor of our lab. The stains are dried overnight before allowing the steam plus to work. We set up the steam cleaner for maximum power and go back and forth to the tasks. Surprisingly, soda and oil disappear first after one and two rounds, respectively. For the most stubborn ingredients, the lipstick is surprisingly well softened. It does not disappear completely, but no device can erase this stain; Only Polti SV450 Dual Did as well. Finally, the spots on the carbon black compound are removed, but the lines persist after the passage of the device. Shame.

We finally did one last test, which was not included in the final assessment: the autonomy of the water tank. For its part, Vileda promises to clean in “28 minutes”. We set the broom to a minimum force, which is ideal for brittle bases such as barquet: it lasts 20 minutes and 46 seconds. Then we repeat the test, this time at maximum power. Vilada spits steam in this new system for 13 minutes 40 seconds. So we are far from the 28 minutes promised by the German manufacturer.

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