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Production of the second Apple silicon chip began

Production of the second Apple silicon chip began

Apple claims that mass production of the M1’s successor began this month Nikki. We are talking about a successor, but we need to talk more about a big brother designed for more powerful machines. DSMC will be in charge as usual. To this end, the founder will use an upgraded version of 5 nm used for his latest engraving process “5 nanometer plus”, M1 and A14.

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Exports of the new system-on-a-chip could begin in July, which coincides with previous rumors pointing to the release of the new MacBook Pros. Not before the second semester.

Sources of Nikki This chip refers to “M1X” or “M2” or other (whose name we do not yet know) designed for newer laptops, but also for other Macs and more “Apple Devices”. As for Mac, we obviously think so A great iMac. As for another Apple device, we put a coin in it Zoom in / Virtual Reality Headset.

For now, the transition to Apple Silicon architecture is like clockwork. Tim Cook announced in his last keynote address that Mac M1s already represent the bulk of Mac sales.

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